For less then the price of one date night, you can breathe fresh life into your marriage with this fun 4-week marriage course + challenge!


4 Weeks + 4 Dates + 4 Video Trainings = A Happier, Healthier Marriage



1. Catch a fresh vision for your marriage

Week 1 is all about committing to each other and to your marriage. It will help you get clear on the biggest "Why" in your marriage and inspire you to do the work that will make your marriage last.

2. Connect and enjoy each other like best friends

Week 2 is all about connecting! Even if you're busy, have young kids, or have grown apart, you can rekindle a thriving friendship that makes you feel like you're on the same team, through thick and thin.

3. Make communication a "safe place" that brings you together

Week 3 is about giving you practical tools for refining your marriage communication in a way that even hard conversations make your marriage stronger.

4. Cherish each other as you grow old together

Week 4 is about learning the secret of cherishing each other. This is what long, happy marriages are all about. It's what will inspire your kids to say, "I want a marriage like Mom & Dad have."

Is this a course or a challenge?

It's both! It's a 4-week marriage course with clear, actionable assignments to help you and your spouse truly get the benefits of what you're learning. (Plus you get lifetime access to the course materials!)

AND because I love fun, I've decided to uplevel this course by adding an element of challenge to it! So for each week that you watch the video and complete your "date" assignment, you'll be entered to win fun prizes like giftcards, date night boxes, marriage books, and more!

It's the best of both worlds wrapped into one convenient package for you!

I'm Ready to Join!
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Marriage can be really fun but also really difficult! Beth has given me great insight and tools to navigate the tough moments when they come. She’s also inspired and encouraged me to make things fun and actually enjoy my marriage! — Jess B.




I'm Beth Hoff, a fun-loving wife, mom and host of the Family Culture podcast. I have a Masters in Clinical Counseling and spent 13 years in ministry, serving as the Director of Marriage & Family at a church in Cleveland, OH. My husband, Michael, and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage this summer and we've walked through A LOT together...5 moves, 3 degrees, 2 kids, 1 miscarriage, depression, anxiety, losing 2 parents, Spiritual struggles, career changes, health issues...did I miss anything?

We've worked hard not only to keep our marriage alive, but to make it better and stronger through each challenge we've faced. Over and over, we have come back to what I call the "Core 4," the four foundational tools for a happy, healthy marriage and I'm confident that this challenge will help you and your spouse deepen your friendship, strengthen your communication, and start feeling more connected than ever. Your marriage is worth it.

Beth Hoff

Is the Same Team Marriage Challenge for Me?

This marriage challenge is an incredible tool to reawaken your love and commitment for each other, but it's not a magic wand. Whatever you put into it is what you will get out of it. So the more invest you and your partner are, the more pleased you'll be with the results! But who will benefit most from this challenge?


If you and your spouse are committed, but feeling disconnected, this is for you.

You're not looking to end it, but your marriage is not super fulfilling right now. You feel more like ships passing in the night than friends who can't wait to hang out. Your marriage has gotten tired, but it's time to wake it up and breathe fresh life into it. What if you could feel excited again when your partner walks in the room?


If you have young kids and you can't seem to find time for each other, this is for you.

Let's be honest, since you had kids, your marriage has taken a backseat. You know it's important, but it feels like there's never enough time or the kids always take your focus. There's no better time to re-prioritize your marriage and figure out how to keep it strong FOR your kids, and not in spite of them. What if you could have the kind of marriage that makes your kids say, "I want a marriage like Mom's & Dad's some day."


If you and your spouse have been fighting a lot or struggling to feel like you're on the "same team," this is for you.

Maybe the pandemic stirred up some issues you didn't know were there. Maybe stress is high for you and you're taking it out on each other. Or maybe your communication skills are a little rusty. It's time to get back to the WHY of your marriage and start enjoying each other again.


If you've been feeling more like business associates than lovers, this is for you.

Your schedule is packed, stress is high, and your marriage feels like an afterthought. Most of your conversations center around task lists, bills, household chores, and who is taking which kid where. It's time to flip the script on your marriage and fall in love again. Taking care of your marriage is the most important "business" you have to discuss.


If you're simply looking for a fun way to deepen your connection and make your marriage stronger, this is for you.

You already have a strong marriage, but you recognize the incredible value of investing in it over and over again. You love a good challenge and you're ready for 4 fun-filled weeks of dating your spouse, enjoying each other, and maybe even winning some prizes!




“Beth's down-to-earth communication style and practical, realistic tips are wonderful gold nuggets for helping create a loving, peaceful home. Her authenticity makes me feel empowered to make positive change in my own family.” 

Joye G.

“If you love your family...if you want God at the center of your family...if you enjoy laughing, learning and growing...Beth does a great job being lighthearted and entertaining and also speaking truth in love.”

G. N.



What do I get if I sign up?

Same team marriage course on laptop

The Same Team Marriage Challenge Includes...

  • 4 Video Trainings on the "Core 4" pillars for a healthy marriage (lifetime access on any device so you can go back and watch them as often as you need to)
  • Same Team Marriage Workbook (Printable PDF with fun connecting questions and go-to guides to implement what you're learning in a practical way)
  • Weekly chances to win fun prizes (Just complete & post your date and you'll be entered to win giftcards, date night boxes, and marriage resources!)
  • 3 Fun Bonuses (listed below)

If you wait until you have time to invest in your marriage, you'll never invest in your marriage.

Did I mention there are BONUSES?

In addition to LIFETIME ACCESS to the 4-Week Course, you'll also receive...

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52 Micro-Date Ideas

The "Micro-date Deck" is a printable pack of 52 made-for-you date ideas to connect with your spouse in 20 minutes or less!

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2 Live Coaching Calls

Join my husband and me for 2 virtual "live" group coaching calls where we share personal examples & answer all your questions in real time.

icon of 5 heads

Pop-Up Facebook Group

Join me for the month of May in this special Facebook Group to ask all your questions, post your dates to win prizes, and connect with other couples! (Optional)

Investing in your marriage is one of the best gifts you can give your kids.


My husband and I went to see Beth when our marriage was at a breaking point. Our blended family was in critical condition and we needed help. We loved God and desired to have a healthy marriage, but neither of us had the tools to make that happen. 

It was through our sessions with Beth that we were able to take baby steps towards each other. I am beyond thankful for Favorite Families.  I know that God saved our marriage but He used Beth’s practical, loving wisdom to do it.  — Daniell P.


Where do I access the content?

You'll receive an email every Monday morning during the 4 weeks of May with a link to that week's video, PDF, and instructions. At the end of the 4 weeks, you'll receive a link for ongoing access to all the course materials so you can come back and use them again and again!

Do I have to participate in the challenge portion or can I just do the course?

That is 100% up to you. The challenge is designed to help keep you on track and encourage you to stay motivated through the 4 course sessions. But if the timeline doesn't work for you or challenges aren't your jam, you are more than welcome to purchase the course and work through it at your own pace and without participating in the challenge elements.

What's the time commitment?

You can do this challenge in 90 minutes per week. The training video will be 20-25 minutes each week and then your connecting questions will take 60 minutes. If you can set aside more time for your date, that's even better! If you're super pressed for time, you and your spouse can watch the training video separately and come together for just 1 hour to talk about it. [The more time and energy you're willing to invest the more you'll get out of it!]

Can I take the course without my spouse?

While the course is designed to be completed by both spouses together, the content is absolutely beneficial for one spouse as well. If your spouse is not available or unwilling to complete the course with you, then YES, go ahead and take the course on your own and start implementing the homework yourself. Will you do me a favor, though, and contact me if you are doing this solo? I want to send you some additional details to help you and I want to cheer you on!

Is this challenge faith-based?

The core 4 elements of a healthy marriage that this challenge focuses on are 100% applicable to any marriage, regardless of faith or religion. However, as my husband and I are Jesus followers, you will hear us talk about God and faith as an important aspect of our marriage. We welcome any questions you have and hope that you find this challenge to be practical, encouraging and truly helpful for your marriage whatever your spiritual stance.

Can I gift this course to someone I know?

Yes!! In fact, I think it makes an incredible gift! Whether the couple you have in mind is available to participate in the challenge or if they'll just be doing the course portion on their own time, it's a power-packed boost for their marriage. PLUS, if you sign up for the course yourself, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a second course at a 43% discount so you can give one away! Example: You purchase yours for $47 and choose the option to gift a course for $27!

Will this course save my marriage?

This is a tough one. As much as I would LOVE to say yes, the truth is only you and your spouse can save your marriage. Marriage takes hard work and, no matter how great this course is, if you and your spouse are not ready or willing to put in the work, the course won't be super helpful to you. If you ARE ready and willing to put in the time and effort, then I truly believe you will come out with a stronger and more connected marriage. However, if your marriage feels pretty hopeless, I would highly encourage you to seek the help of a professional counselor instead or in addition to purchasing this course. I would rather you get the help you need!

Is the course refundable?

My hope is that this won't even be an issue! But because I so strongly believe in this course, I'll make a deal with you. If you purchase this course and you and your spouse complete all 4 weeks of videos & assignments and, at the end of that, don't feel any more connected or that it helped your marriage to grow, I will issue a full refund. [I ask that you submit proof of completing the assignments prior to receiving the refund. No refunds will be issued after 14 days following the completion of the challenge.] To request a refund, please contact us.


There’s no better time to invest in your marriage than right now.


Are you ready for a happier, healthier marriage? Yes! What's the investment?

Choose the right package for you!

Same Team Marriage Challenge

Ready to deepen your friendship, sharpen your marriage skills, and start feeling more connected?

  • 4 Marriage Course Videos (plus continued access so you can come back and re-watch them in the future)
  • 4 Printable PDF's to implement what you're learning together
  • Weekly chances to win fun prizes for completing your dates
  • 3 Bonuses (2 Live Trainings, Pop-up Facebook Group, Micro-Date Deck)

$47 (one-time payment)

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Same Team Marriage Challenge + 1 to Give Away!

Do you know another couple who could really use some encouragement & support in their marriage? With this package, you can sign up AND gift the Same Team Marriage Challenge to another couple at 43% off!

  • 4 Marriage Course Videos (plus continued access so you can come back and re-watch them in the future)
  • 4 Printable PDF's to implement what you're learning
  • Chance to win fun prizes for completing your dates
  • 3 Bonuses (2 Live Trainings, Pop-up Facebook Group, Micro-Date Deck)

$47 + $27 = $74 (one-time payment)

1 for you AND 1 for a friend at 43% off!

Same Team Marriage Challenge + Private Marriage Coaching Session

Ready to strengthen your marriage, but could use an extra boost? This is the package for you!

  • 4 Marriage Course Videos (plus continued access so you can come back and re-watch them in the future)
  • 4 Printable PDF's to implement what you learned
  • Chance to win fun prizes for completing your dates
  • 3 Bonuses (2 Live Trainings, Pop-up Facebook Group, Micro-Date Deck)
  • +PLUS a private marriage coaching session with Beth Hoff (60 minutes) - Choose from "Personality Discovery," "Getting Unstuck," or "Communication Deep Dive"

$137 (one-time payment)

(only 3 packages available!)

Still not sure?

Send me an email at and let's talk! I want to help you make sure the Same Team Marriage Challenge is the right fit for you! If it's not, I'd love to recommend some other next steps to help strengthen your marriage. Because helping you have a happier, healthier marriage is more important to me than whether or not you join the Same Team challenge.

REALLY want to join, but you simply can't afford it? Email me to be put on the waitlist for one of the scholarship spots!